The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) Codes of Practice permit the award of grants by the pharmaceutical industry in order to enhance patient care, or benefit the NHS/HSE and maintain patient care. Celgene is proud to assist healthcare professionals in their pursuit of excellent patient care by supporting patient-centred projects and educational opportunities in response to an unsolicited request.

Assessment of a Grant Request

Each year we receive many grant requests. Whilst we cannot provide funding for every request we receive, we try to support as many as possible, evaluating each request on its merits.

From January 2016 Celgene will no longer be supporting requests for sponsorship for congress attendance.

This online application process is to be used for requesting support for educational programmes and projects that enhance scientific knowledge, medical education/science and improvements in the quality of healthcare services which benefit patient care.

This online application process is not be used to request support for research projects, clinical trials, including investigator initiated studies, or for any request from a patient organisation. Requests for support for these should be directed to your normal Celgene contact or via the Celgene Medical Information department at The provision of an educational grant is separate from the company’s commercial activities. All grant requests are reviewed by the Celgene Medical Grants Committee to ensure they are appropriate and in line with Celgene’s policies.

Guiding Principles

Celgene operates under the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.

Any funding awarded is provided wholly without obligation to purchase, use, recommend, or arrange for the use of any product of Celgene or its affiliates, or on any business or other decisions you have made or may make in the future relating to Celgene, its affiliates or to Celgene’s products. Grants will only be considered where the programme is wholly controlled by an independent organisation and Celgene has no influence over the content.

All support provided by Celgene will be declared in accordance with our industry Codes of Practice and local regulations. Successful applicants will be required to sign a written agreement, which includes the commitment of the recipient to declare the receipt of funding from Celgene.

Grants will not be provided to organisations or events that are profit making.


Celgene will not make payment directly to an individual. Any grant awarded must be paid to an established institution such as the NHS/HSE Trust, University or Academic/Research Organisation for which the applicant works.

Process for Submission & Approval of a Grant Request

The application process for all grant requests is online.

  • Grant request, such as an educational grant towards a meeting or service enhancement with the purpose of furthering medical and scientific research or to enhance patient care or benefit the NHS and maintain patient care will be considered. Requests for support for personal development (such as MSc support) will not be considered
  • You will be required to upload a signed letter of request on your institution’s headed paper. In addition, you will need to provide any documents, where applicable, such as an agenda, programme or detailed project proposal
  • We endeavour to review and respond to requests for other grants within 6 weeks of receipt. We commit to reply to each request whether or not the grant can be supported
  • Requests will not normally be reviewed when submitted less than 28 days prior to the start date of the event
  • If after the stated timelines you have not received a decision on your application from Celgene or have not been contacted for additional information, please email

Information Required to Apply for a Grant

Grant requests (other than PhD funding):

Before you begin your application online you should prepare the following information and documents as applicable to your grant request:-

  • Contact details for your institution
  • A description of the event, project or programme
  • Amount of funding you are requesting
  • Breakdown of funding
  • Other sources of funding with amounts
  • Supporting documentation including:
  • Agenda, if your request is for an educational meeting
  • Signed letter of request on your institution’s headed paper, with a description of how the grant will enhance patient care, or benefit the NHS/HSE and maintain patient care.

Grant requests for PhD funding:

As part of our commitment to optimising scientific collaboration and advance in research, the PEER Fellowship programme is designed to support PhD funding. These applications will be considered only when made through an institution, organisation or association of healthcare professionals. Applications will only be considered when made by the PhD Sponsor/Supervisor, who is requested to provide the following documentation:

  • Contact details of your institution
  • A description of the project or programme (including clear and measurable objectives of the project)
  • Amount of funding you are requesting
  • Breakdown of funding
  • Other sources of funding with amounts
  • Supporting documentation: Signed letter of request on your institution’s headed paper, Supervisor and student’s CV

Celgene can only accept grant requests from a registered healthcare professional or individual who works for a healthcare related organisation. The applicant will be asked for confirmation when entering the online request tool.

To submit a grant request, please click on the button below.

Once you have submitted your application it will be reviewed by the Celgene Medical Grants Committee in accordance with the timelines above.

The applications for PhD posts will be reviewed by a Medical Grants Committee comprising a group of appointed Celgene employees (always including a Medical Signatory) and one or more qualified external reviewers who will make independent decisions regarding the quality and robustness of the submitted project, based on pre-specified evaluation criteria.


The personal data you submit in your application will be used by Celgene only for the purposes of processing the grant request and any associated disclosure.

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Date of preparation: Oct 2015