Celgene Medical Affairs

Celgene Medical Affairs manages the generation and dissemination of scientific data to ensure the safe and appropriate use of Celgene medicines. We are scientifically and clinically focused on the unmet medical needs in cancer and inflammatory diseases and our purpose is to bridge the gap between research and practice, to optimise patient health through partnerships with the medical and patient communities. Celgene Medical Affairs is committed to improving patients’ lives by changing the practice of medicine.

This page is intended to direct healthcare professionals to a Celgene Medical Information Professional for response to unsolicited requests for medical information. To contact Celgene medical information in the UK, please use the telephone number or e-mail address below:

Tel:   0844 801 0045
Fax:     0844 801 0046

For the Celgene medical information department in Ireland, please use the telephone number or e-mail address which is provided below:

Tel:   +353 1 800 333 111
Fax:     +353 1 800 333 112

Date of preparation: November 2017