Financial Disclosures 2019

Celgene provides financial support to a range of organisations and initiatives that make a positive impact on our patients, our communities and our world, today and for years to come. We are committed to improving the lives of patients and focus our support in areas where we can make the greatest impact.

Payments to Patient Groups

In 2019, Celgene provided payments to, or on behalf of, the following patient groups in the UK:

Bike the UK for MS

  • Sponsorship of Bike the UK for MS 2019/20
    £ 5,000

Crohn’s & Colitis UK

  • Grant to support the development of an animated patient video on managing fatigue
    £ 5,000
  • Funding towards the development of patient videos speaking about living living with Crohn’s and Colitis
    £ 3,279.88

International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA)

  • Donation towards International Brain Tumour Alliance Fourth Biennial World Summit of Brain Tumour Patient Advocates
    $ 8,500

Leukaemia Care

  • Grant towards Leukaemia Care core services including; buddy service, counselling service, welfare advice service and hospital travel
    £ 25,000

Lymphoma Action

  • Grant to support core information and support services for people who are affected with Lymphatic cancer including: patient information, education programmes, information and support helpline and education programme for healthcare professionals
    £ 20,000

Multiple Sclerosis International Federation

  • Grant towards 2019 informed decision-making resources: website, newsletters, publications, care and support network
    $ 7,500
  • Grant towards 2019 Atlas of MS, global, open-access source of data on MS
    $ 15,000
  • Grant towards 2019 World MS Day
    $ 15,000
  • Grant towards 2019 MSIF Capacity Building to support, train and develop MS patient organisations all over the world and Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign, a programme to support those who raise funds to beat the disease
    $ 37,500

MS Trust

  • Medical Information stand at MS Trust Annual Conference 3-5th November 2019
    £ 2,100

Myeloma UK

  • Donation towards Celgene employees’ sponsorship of Myeloma UK London to Paris Bike Ride 2019
    £ 1,001.81
  • Sponsorship and entry fee for ten riders to take part in Myeloma UK London to Paris Bike Ride 2019
    £ 10,000
  • Grant towards Myeloma UK core services including; patient and family information and support, healthcare professional programme and health services research
    £ 110,000
  • Entry fee for additional three riders to take part in Myeloma UK London to Paris Bike Ride 2019
    £ 2,827

Pancreatic Cancer UK

  • Grant towards Pancreatic Cancer UK’s Annual Summit

Patient Evidence

  • Consultancy fees towards the review of lenalidomide patient summary
    £ 400

Psoriasis Association

  • Funding towards Psoriatic Disease Policy Scorecard Collaborative Project
    £ 2,400
  • Grant to support media training
    £ 2,850


  • 2019 Corporate Donation
    £ 26,828.99

 UK Thalassaemia Society

  • Grant to support Patient Support Programme, UKTS Magazine and School Education Programme
    £ 15,000

World Child Cancer

  • 2019 Donation to World Child Cancer
    $ 100,000


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Date of preparation: April 2022